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Wednesday, September 20, 2017Coming Soon to North Bend!

101 W North Bend Way
North Bend, WA 98045

Call: (425) 292-9146

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101 W North Bend Way — Home to The Iron Duck Public house

Welcome to The Iron Duck Public House, a welcome addition to North Bend, WA!

Owner Sean Quinn and his staff are hard at work making the space at 101 W. North Bend Way an inviting, welcoming, and the “go-to” place for everyone who lives, works, and visits the area.

North Bend Today
For those of us who live and work here, we see the growth that is happening daily and have enjoyed the lift in our economy both from companies moving in and from travelers who come from all over seeking fun and adventure in the Snoqualmie Valley.

No longer just a place to stop for the outlet stores and fast food, North Bend is becoming a destination of its own. Soon, we’ll see more people coming east to enjoy the quieter and slower pace of life this area has to offer.

About the space
Just wait until you see it! Right in the main part of North Bend, you’ll find some big changes happening and The Iron Duck is just one of them. The city is making some great upgrades to the intersection and surrounding streets that will really bring a more upscale look and feel to this little town that is on the move.

The time is now to open an establishment that will serve locals and travelers alike with some of the best food, wine, and spirits around. Just start picturing a very long wine list, a couple hundred whiskey selections, classic cocktails, and 22 beers on tap… now hold on to that picture in your mind and we’ll keep you posted on opening date!

Here’s a shot of the building as it is now and check back often for updates on all of the great changes Sean and his team will be making to this corner space that will serve up the best burgers, pizza, and steaks you can imagine.


101 W North Bend Way — Home to The Iron Duck Public house

101 W North Bend Way — Home to The Iron Duck Public house


Check back here often for updated pictures and news about The Iron Duck and plan to join us the moment we open!

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