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Tuesday, February 13, 2018Rethink Valentine’s Day

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Sitting around with my buddies, Valentine’s Day came up. The initial reaction was – it’s Valentine’s Day already? Here we go again. It feels like a forced “Hallmark” holiday, they said. Then there were the other factors – if you go out, needing a babysitter. Once you are out, the restaurant only has a fixed menu. You have to dress up. You’re far away from home, uncomfortable, eating from a menu that you don’t even like.

They’re right. That sounds terrible.

I heard them. I do. I mean, I’m in a relationship – I deal with the same pressure myself. Admittedly, I like to think of the restaurants I own offer an escape from your typical Valentine’s Day. For one, my whiskey menu and beer on tap usually put the men (and many times, women) right at home. For another, I never do a fixed menu. We remain focused on what we do best in our restaurants, which is delicious fare made in-house, like Lobster Mac and Cheese and Steak Frites.  A small menu churned out, event-style, isn’t going to rise to that occasion.

Our artist-cast metal-work, tall fireplace and century-old building is just traditional enough for her to wear the heels and you to wear the jeans. We are family friendly, so if you can’t find a babysitter – or just want to include the kids on the day – bring them along. Feel comfortable on a date night that will bring out the romance in both of you. Reconnect. Rekindle. Rethink Valentine’s Day.

Romance is more than just going out to a delicious dinner one day out of the year. But if this is going to be that dinner, be sure to place a call now, while you’re thinking about it (after all, you might forget) and put in a reservation. We’re here to make your Valentine’s Day happen.

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